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AK Medical, a supplier of world-class products and services, is known for its care for excellent talents. It attaches great importance to talent attraction, training & development, and retention, as it is convinced that top talents and great philosophy drive the sustainable development of an enterprise.
AK Medical provides a perfect guarantee mechanism for its employees :
  • 1.Excellent Compensation & Benefits Policy
    AK Medical has a perfect employee right & interest protection system. In compliance with laws, it signs employment contracts with its employees and covers their social security and insurances; it offers gift money or other presents on the weddings, childbirths, birthdays, and other important occasions of its employees; it provides them with paid vacations as required by regulations; it provides highly competitive compensation packages and incentive plans for its employees.
  • 2.Encouraging Employees to Grow
    AK Medical has always advocated for the growth of its employees as individuals, strongly believing that such growth is conducive to its success as an enterprise. It offers numerous opportunities of professional development and learning, from which all employees can benefit regardless of their field and level.
  • 3.Advocating for Sharing and Communication
    AK Medical has built an environment for equal, smooth, and efficient communication inside the company, where employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and suggestions freely. AK is keen to listen to the timeliest, truest, and quickest input from its employees.
  • 4.Total Employee Training System
    AK Medical provides a total training system covering every employee, who thus can be passionate for work and have a dream; it is also ready to help make his/her dream come true.
  • 5.Double-channel Promotion System
    While creating value for individuals, the three-dimensional promotion channel at AK Medical invigorates the company in its growth. AK Medical consistently provides a “dream platform” where it and its employees share the happiness of success.
  • 6.Employees Enjoying Rich Lives After Work
    • AK Medical organizes various events for its employees, including sports, outgoings, parties, and entertainment so that they can live their lives to the full and be positive and optimistic.
Training & Development
AK Medical pays attention to the growth and development of an individual employee and advocates that career success of individual employees drives the development of the enterprise. It hopes that every employee is passionate about his/her career and success and chases his/her dream with a serious, responsible, and committed attitude.
By upholding its corporate mission and values as an excellent enterprise, AK Medical provides every employee with a total training system incorporating internal and external resources. The training covers new recruits and senior executives alike. Through its five major training systems, it helps each employee to evolve in his/her individual growth, improve their self-value, and realize his/her dream.

Five Major Training Systems at AK Medical
  • 1.Training through Success Philosophy Sharing
    This training is conducted through case studies, philosophy interpretation, reflection, and discussions in order to share the philosophies of managers and successes with those employees needing them.

  • 2.Management Trainee Training
    This is a complete and independent training system intended for fresh graduates just joining AK Medical so that they can transform themselves rapidly and perfectly in their transition from green hands to qualified employees.

  • 3.Improvement Training by Stage
    Training is systematically carried out by the short-term, mid-term, and long-term stages; it emphasizes the combination of skills and philosophy and focuses on practices and results.

  • 4.Professional Training for Post Competencies (Professional Credential)
    This training helps the potential employees hungry for success to further get trained in professional skills and develop into experts.

  • 5.Training on Management Competency Improvement (EMBA, PMP, and IPMP)
    Through EMBA training and senior project management certification (PMP and IPMP) training for managers at key and core positions, this training helps the company’s senior management talents to learn the cutting-edge theory of management, improve their managerial level, boost the strategic development of the company, and attain quality excellence for the enterprise.

Campus Recruitment
  • Management Trainee
Professional Recruitment
The postdoctoral research station at AK Medical, under Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Haidian District Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Station, was authorized and launched in December 2014. In order to promote industry-university-research integration, develop high-level talents in science and technology and management, and facilitate postdoctoral research stations serving economic development China, the Station and Peking University jointly enroll PhD holders for postdoctoral research; both institutions work together in the management, development, and so on of the postdoctoral personnel to ensure their quality as postdoctoral researchers.

If a postdoctoral researcher completes his/her research work and meets the performance review requirements, he/she will be awarded a corresponding postdoctoral research certificate and credential issued by Peking University.
The requirements and model for postdoctoral researcher enrollment, development, and completion are subject to relevant provisions in “Transitional Rules for Enterprise Postdoctoral Work” by National Postdoctoral Management Committee.
Information about the joint enrollment of postdoctoral researchers is as follows:
  • I. Requirements
    1.Solid in morality and academic performance, healthy, and without records of wrongdoings;
    2.Obtained his/her PhD in the recent three years at home or abroad, 40 years of age or younger;
    3.Solid in professional knowledge and strong in research, able to complete postdoctoral research on a relevant subject satisfactorily;
    4.Able to work as a postdoctoral researcher on a full-time basis;
    5.Meeting the requirements in relevant postdoctoral management rules by the state. ;

  • II. Major Field of the Applicant
    2.Biomedical engineering
    4.Machinery manufacturing and machining
    5.Biomaterials and metal materials

  • III. Compensations & Benefits
    1.Necessary research space, equipment, and living conditions are available;
    2.As specified in “Transitional Rules for Enterprise Postdoctoral Work” by National Postdoctoral Management Committee;
    3.Other compensations and benefits are negotiable at the interview;
    4.Place of work: Beijing

  • IV. Application Materials
    Please provide us with the following materials as required by National Postdoctoral Management Committee:
    1.Your resume in both Chinese and English and cover letter;
    2.Peking University Postdoctoral Application Form (downloadable from Peking University HR website; signed by the applicant) and your detailed resume;
    3.Your representative academic achievement (in Chinese or English in three copies or fewer);
    4.Two letters of reference (including your doctorate supervisor);
    5.Copy of your doctorate degree certificate or a certificate proving you as a PhD student.

  • 五、招聘崗位

Contact Information
If you are interested, please apply and register via email, and we shall keep your application information confidential. Below is our contact information, which is used for recruitment only.
Tel: 010-80109581 forwarded to HR
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