Hip implants
  • ACM Cemented Femoral Stem

    Cemented stem with sandblasting surface.

  • ACP Cemented Femoral Stem

    Double-taper design philosophy provides natural compressive forces to help ensure that the implant is firmly seated and wedged within the cement mantle;

    Polished surface designed to work in conjunction with taper geometry to enhance stem stability;

  • ACP-Long Cemented Femoral Stem

    Double-taper design philosophy provides natural compressive forces to help ensure that the implant is firmly seated and wedged within the cement mantle;

    Polished, tapered design intended to stabilize through controlled subsidence in the first 12 to 24 months.

  • APT Cementless Femoral Stem

    Proximal Coating: Titanium-Plasma Spray porous coating.

    A rough blasted surface in diaphyseal region.

    High polish and bullet design of the distal end effectively reduces postoperation thigh pain.

  • CL Cementless Femoral Stem

    Double Coated stem with 50 μm pure titanium and 150 μm HA coating made from JRI in UK ,which is vacuum plasma spraying (VPS) better than Air Plasma Spraying(APS);

    The CL stem gives primary mechanical stability with good optimum filling;

    Low-profile lateral shoulder design enables easy insertion in reduced incision techniques, especially the anterior approach;

    The double taper trapezoidal design resists axial and torsional displacement providing excellent stability;

  • MF Cementless Femoral Stem

    Sharp longitudinal ribs which is 1.5mm height in proximal part provide rotational stability benefit osseointegration.

  • ML Cementless Femoral Stem

    Both 127o and 132o of Neck Shaft Angle are available;

    Tapered Wedge design provides firm mediolateral stability within the femoral canal;

    24 sizes full length stem available in full profile and reduced distal options;

    Polished Anterior-Posterior Neck Flats increase ROM by geometrically reducing the potential for impingement of the neck with the cup;

    Flat Tapered Wedge Geometry Enhances proximal offloading and bone preservation and provides for rotational stability;

    Reduced Distal Transition Enhances implant fit in femoral canals with a proximal distal mismatch.

  • MP Cementless Femoral Stem

    MP stem is cementless designs developed following the classic tapered stem philosophy;

    Polished bullet-shape distal tip reduces distal stresses;

    Each stem has a medially rounded, laterally flared, proximal cross-sectional geometry that has been refined for optimal fit and fill and rotational stability.

  • MR (Modular Revision Hip System)

    AK-MR Stem provides the opportunity to treat wide variances in patient anatomy, and allowing extensive fixation in the femur, this design philosophy in femoral revision surgery has beenimpressive.

    4°offset in proximal femur.

    AK-MR Stem were designed to achieve secure distal fixation in the femur using a sharply splined and tapered distal stem;

    112 sizes in each body type allow for metaphyseal filling, proximal fixation, and proximal support of the prosthesis.

  • SL Cementless Revision Femoral Stem

    Guaranteed distal fixation in used of Wagner principle;

    AK-SL stem designed for uncemented fixation in femoral revision surgery. A 2° tapered stem with a circular cross-section, the AK-SL can be placed in any version by the surgeon;

    AK-SL stem has 8 longitudinal ribs with relatively sharp ridges that are intended to engage the femoral cortex, thus enabling optimum rotational stability;

  • SL-cone Cementless Femoral Stem

    Uncemented fixation based on the positive experience with the SL Revision Stem;

    CCD-angle of 125° and 135°;Conical shape with a cone angle of 5°;8 Sharp longitudinal ribs;

    Free setting of antetorsion;

    Stem Diameter from Φ 13 mm to Φ 23 mm by 1 mm.;

    Deformities of the femurs in which fixation of a standard prosthesis is difficult;

  • SR Cementless Modular Femoral Stem

    AK-SR is modular and therefore very versatile, it provides a single system approach to Primary THR, Complex primary (DDH), Revision, Tumours;

    Coronal slot design reduces distal stiffness of stem and reduces effect of modulus mismatch, the design also reduces incidence of thigh pain /fracture;

    Calcar replacement allows treatment of bone loss to below the level of the lesser trochanter;

  • Bipolar Head

    Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Cup and UHMWPE Liner;

    Patent locking mechanism ensures easy femoral head installation and prevents dislocation.

  • CoCr Ball Head

    Co-Cr-Mo Alloy material;

    22mm, 28mm, 32mm, diameter options;

    Different neck lengths are avaliable.

  • Ceramic Ball Head

    Ceramic material made in Germany.

    28mm, 32mm, 36mm diameter options;

    Different neck lengths are avaliable.

    For the young and high demand patients.

  • Acetabular Liner

    Both highly cross-linked Polyethylene and UHMWPE are available;

    The liners are designed to lock into the shell by means of a circumferential ring that engages the shell’s mating groove for the ML cup and 3D ACT cup.

    UHMWPE liner is matched for ML cup and 3D ACT cup.

  • Acetabular Cage

    Pure titanium is extremely pliable, making it easy to use. The rough-blasted bone-facing surface offers excellent compatibility and enhances bone ongrowth; The slim, pointed, upwardly curved inferior flange is designed specially for the modern technique of impacting the implant into the os ischium. Its lower placement offers optimal positioning of the center of rotation.

  • 3D ACT Titanium Trabecular Cup

    Trabecular Metal Technology offers a high coefficient of friction which helps reduce micromotion, enabling tissue growth. Its 3D construct provides a high level of porosity and potential for ostoconductivity allows for more rapid in-growth supporting a vascularized structure to maintain healthy bone. Implant durability leads to longevity and reduced risk for future surgeries; Liner ring serration design provides stable fixation between shell and liner and minimizes micromotion.

    Forged Titanium Alloy Cup and UHMWPE Liner;

    Titanium-Plasma Spray porous coating;

    Taper-lock mechanism ensures durable fixation;

    High edge liner design effectively prevents dislocation;

    The factor of porosity is 40%. The pore diameter is 200-300μm,which is benefit for incipient stability and later osseointegration.

    This can be matched for big diameter ceramic and metal head product.

    The shells utilize the innerchange locking mechanism. This unique locking mechanism helps provide a secure interface between the polyethylene insert and shell;

    The shell is also suitable for both HXLPE and UHMWPE Liner.