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    JRI orthopaedics Ltd is the orthopedic company in Britain, which was formed in 1969.The factory of 5,000 square meters is located in Sheffield, UK. In 1985, JRI launched hydroxyapatite ceramic coated hip implant and this symbolized a significant innovation in joint replacement.

    What makes JRI different from the global corporations which operate in the orthopaedic implant market is that we are wholly owned by Orthopeadic Research UK (ORUK), a charitable organisation of orthopeadic research in the UK. The mission of JRI is giving patients a better quality of life for longer by providing solutions for joint repair and replacement.

    Furlong® Evolution British Short Stem

    The Furlong Evolution stem has six main characteristics:

    • 100mm short stem design,especially works well for DAA minimally invasive techniques and Posterior small-incision approach

    • Optimized neck geometry, increasing the range of motion

    • Reduced lateral shoulder, allows for easier insertion with preservation of muscle attachments and optimum ‘anatomical’ fit

    • Rectangular proximal body cross section, for rotational stability

    • Cone transition between proximal body and cylindrical distal stem, proven primary mechanical stability, prevention of subsidence and effective stress transfer to bone

    • 12 sizes from 6-17mm, consistently increasing in the distal stem diameter by 1mm per size, applicable to a wider range of anatomic morphology

    Furlong® Securus Modular Stem

    Main characteristics:

    Modular femoral prosthesis

    Anatomical design with 10°offset in distal stem, avoid femur split

    Distal stem locked with cortical screws

    4 sizes for proximal body, 14 sizes for distal stem, 56 combinations

    CSF Plus Cup system

    CSF Plus Cup system have two different types:CSF Plus Ceramic Bearing Cup and CSF Plus Polyethylene CLP75® Bearing Cup. The inner cone angle for Ceramic Bearing Cup is 18 degrees while 5 degrees for Polyethylene CLP75® Bearing Cup. Different inner cone angles can provide secure and stable base for the selected liner.

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