3D ACT solutions
AK Medical developed and introduced its personalized 3D Accurate Construction Technology solutions, or “3D ACT solutions”, in July 2014. Its 3D ACT solutions assist surgeons in simulating and planning for implant surgeries, simplify surgical processes, offer personalized surgical instruments and pre-surgery selected implants and improve patients’ recovery experience significantly. Our 3D ACT solutions integrate our proprietary Physician-Technician Interaction Platform( “PTIP”), which is currently provided as a complimentary service, with our technologies for producing 3D-printed and/or off-the-shelf surgical instruments and implant products.Our PTIP comprises access to our large and growing database of 3D clinical data where our technicians produce 3D images based on 2D images of the patients’ affected bone areas using specialized software and transform them into 3D-printed models.