Beijing Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center for 3D-Printing Orthopedic Application
Beijing Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center for 3D-Printing Orthopedic Application, established in August 2015 by Beijing AK Medical Co., Ltd, a domestic leading orthopedic implant manufacturer, is an important integral of the science and technology innovation system in Beijing. Addressing clinical needs for orthopedic implants, the center is committed to the development of 3D Accurate Construction Technology ("3D ACT") for orthopedic implants, research on related surgical techniques and the establishment, development, application and research of the Physician-Technician Interaction Platform ("PTIP"). The center draws upon advantages of 3D printing in orthopedics to provide surgeons with innovative orthopedic implant products and surgical solutions. Big data, Internet+ and other cutting-edge technologies are also employed to build up the PTIP connecting physicians, technicians and patients, with an aim at joint disease planning, decision-making, implementation and adequate communication with patients.
The center has an integrated workplace outfitted with detection, analysis, testing and processing equipment, which combines R&D, test, production, quality inspection and exhibition functions under a full-fledged operation system. Meanwhile, the center pursues in-depth cooperation with academic, research and clinical institutions to enable its technological innovation, commercialization of scientific achievements, provision of technical services and information exchange.
Development and Application of 3D-printed Orthopedic Implants
Based on AK Medical's research achievements and expertise in 3D ACT, we give full play to the unique advantages of 3D ACT in manufacturing orthopedic implants to develop products catering to clinical needs. Our products have been widely used in clinical application to substitute for imported implants, stepping out of the quagmire of imitation. We also act as an incubator, setting up a platform for digital, personalized and customized innovations underpinned by the 3D-printing digitalized manufacturing technology to keep abreast of international technologies.
Development and Application of 3D-printed Porous Orthopedic Materials
In view of desirable osseointegration and biocompatibility of 3D-printed metal trabecular structure, we carried out in-depth R&D on trabecular products and achieved technological innovations in bone interface of implants. The higher long-term stability of our implant products leads to better clinical performance, demonstrating our innovation edge in 3D-printing digitalized manufacturing technology and spearheading domestic products to compete with world-class peers.
3D Technology-based Orthopedic Surgery System Solutions
Pre-surgery Planning
3D-printed Bone-cutting Guide Plate
We leverage on AK Medical's expertise in orthopedic implant to maximize the role of digital 3D-printing in pre-surgery planning, surgical simulation, and personalized surgical instruments. Our digitalized manufacturing led to a significant leap forward in traditional surgery process and a revolution in traditional surgical techniques, contributing to higher surgical safety and efficiency, lower surgery risk, faster patient recovery and better post-op effect.
Development of the PTIP (Software Manual of the PTIP)
The PTIP is an open interactive platform developed based on AK Medical's experience accumulated from a total of 150,000 joint prosthesis replacement surgeries and its insight into physicians. Designed to make full use of 3D technology in pre-surgery planning and in-surgery guidance, it combines big data and Internet to create an information exchange platform based on digital and image processing to enable real-time data and video interaction and hence online discussion and review of surgery plans. It facilitates interaction among physicians, technicians and patients to provide an effective solution to analysis, decision-making and implementation of clinical treatment.
3D Technical Services
We capitalize on AK Medical's experience to effectively commercialize research achievements, and to grow into a pacesetter for commercialization of 3D technologies in clinical application. We also recognize the significance of social benefit brought by our services. To this end, we are employing the existing resources to establish an academic research platform providing professional services including collaborative product development, product tests and validation, and zoological and biomechanical research on new materials and technologies.