Vacuum plasma spray coating

Hydroxyapatite coating can better promote osseointegration, and the use of Supravit vacuum plasma spraying to strengthen the firm connection between the coating and the femoral stem can greatly improve the life cycle of the prosthesis.


Classical Stem Design

With a stepped groove design, this structure can further compact cancellous bone, retain more bone, and provide 11 different profiles to choose from, so that it can match the compacted cancellous bone more perfectly.


3D printed trabecular surface

It adopts high-precision 3D printing integrated forming technology, which has bone-like trabecular surface and high roughness, high porosity, and all pores are interconnected to effectively promote osteogenesis.


One cup matches multiple lininers

It is suitable for ceramic liner, HXLPE liner and UHMWPE liner, bringing more choices for patients.