Modular design of the stem and sleeve

The modular design is convenient to adjust the anteversion angle.At the same time, the sleeve can also rotate freely to achieve better metaphyseal filling. Equipped with a variety of sizes of sleeve and stem combination, suitable for a variety of abnormal intramedullary fixation needs.


Shape optimization, multi-profiles design

The femoral head connecting cone is shortened, the neck adopts the standard Morse taper, and the neck of the stem is narrowed in AP, which can increase the range of motion of the joint to 132 degrees; the distal stem is designed with a ridge, which can strengthen the fixation with the cortical bone of the medullary cavity and improve the ability to resist plastic deformation.


Vacuum plasma spray coating

Vacuum plasma spraying can effectively eliminate oxygen and bubbles, ensure that the pure titanium coating is compact and uniform, avoid cracks, and prevent the coating from peeling off.


Born for a wide range of indications

It is indicated for congenital dysplasia of the hip, abnormal anatomy (small medullary cavity, abnormal anteversion, osteotomy below the metaphysis) and revision surgery (Paprosky I-IIIA femoral bone defect).