Vacuum plasma spray coating

Two coating options: pure titanium microporous coating or pure titanium + hydroxyapatite, using Supravit vacuum plasma spraying,to enhance osseointegration.


Designed with a flat wedge-shaped stem

There are two fixation methods: ML fixation or AP three-point fixation.The product is designed with a flat wedge-shaped stem and a longitudinal decompression groove, which helps to promote blood circulation and accelerate joint healing.


Offset adjustment design

Two neck shaft angles (CCD) available, 132 ° and 127 °, can effectively adjust the limb length, eccentricity and joint tension without changing the neck length and size, and bring better joint balance for patients.


One cup matches multiple lininers

It is suitable for ceramic liner and HXLPE liner, providing more mainstream interface solutions. The liners are designed to lock into the shell by means of a circumferential ring that engagaes the shell's mating groove.


ML II short stems

Compared with the ML femoral stem, it is about 2 cm shorter, and the medial and lateral gradual curvature is designed to improve the matching of the medullary cavity and the stability of the prosthesis.According to different patients, the two types of spraying and sintering can be selected at the proximal section to provide reliable initial stability and long-term osseointegration.