INIXIO International R&D Center

INIXIO is the International R&D Center set up by AK Medical in the UK to carry out joint technology research, product development and clinical application to promote exchanges and development of diagnosis and treatment technology home and abroad.

Clinically Proven Innovations to Advance Orthopaedics


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Engineers, clinical experts and product specialists from different countries work together in INIXIO's international R&D team and make joint efforts to introduce innovative approaches from worldwide into the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases in order to deliver better prognosis and reduce medical cost.

Advanced Technology R&D Center

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INIXIO collaborates with a number of internationally renowned universities and medical institutions, such as Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge, and Kings College London Hospital, to conduct cutting-edge research on orthopedic implant surface modification, drug delivery and slow release, osteoblast-forming factors, and other technologies related to orthopedic implants. It provides theoretical and technical support for the development of a new generation of orthopedic implants.


Hub for international clinical research


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INIXIO has access to a large number of high-level European and American health care institution resources, making it an important hub for AK Medical to organize international multi-center research. INIXIO also supports the globalization of China's orthopedic implant products, particularly into the European and American markets.

Transnational exchange platform

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With the support of INIXIO, AK Medical organizes several international collaborative UK training programs and international mentorship education programs annually. We offer international advanced training courses, continuing education courses in the UK, and short- and medium-term overseas training activities at eight top medical institutions in the UK. We invite internationally renowned orthopedic treatment experts to conduct roadshows in China as well. By inviting Chinese surgeons abroad and introducing internationally renowned experts, we enhance the level of international exchange in the field of orthopedic clinical diagnosis and treatment in China.