AK provides a sound protection mechanism for employees

guarantee mechanism

Compensation and Welfare

In addition to salary, there are performance bonuses, various allowances, welfare and employee well-being plans, as well as many other guarantees

Employee growth

Promote the personal growth of employees, provide a variety of career development opportunities, share experiences and enjoy success

Training system

Every AK employee can participate in the annual training program, and the Company is willing to help employees achieve their personal pursuits

Promotion system

AK has a standardized promotion management system and provides employees with an outstanding platform for career development

Employee life

Diverse company activities, such as union activities, factory open days, annual awards, etc.

ONE AK Behavior

One Ak Behavior

Step forward

Dare to practice, with proper foresight
Be proactive in what you do

Employee development comes first

Establishing a proper cultivation mechanism
Creating a multi-faceted development path for employees

Completing all surgeries successfully

Completing each surgery successfully with full effort

First time feedback

Respond and feedback to customer requirements First time

Risk control

Always allow for unforeseen circumstances
Always have a PLAN B

Campus recruitment

  • Resume submission

    Submit resumes through email, recruitment websites, job fairs and other channels;

  • Resume screening

    The human resources department conducts preliminary screening and job matching according to the needs of employees;

  • First test

    Video interview or in-person interview;

  • Second test

    Candidates bring their own presentation for an on-site interview;

  • Online assessment

    Candidates complete their assessment via an online link;

  • Offer issuance

    The Human Resources Department issues a formal offer after completing all communication with the candidate;

  • Onboarding

    After obtaining the graduation certificate and degree, you will officially join AK.

  • Development Path:

    ·Product R&D

    ·Instrument development

    ·Robot software

    ·Robot algorithms

    ·Process management

    ·Quality management

    Trainee management

  • Required majors:


    ·Biomedical Engineering


    ·Machinery Manufacturing, Machining

    ·Biomaterials, Metallic Materials


  • Q1Who are the campus positions for?

    A1Graduates from domestic and foreign universities who have not paid social insurance within 2 years of graduation can participate in AK's campus recruitment.

  • Q2What do I need to pay attention to when submitting my resume?

    A2You can send your resume + transcripts directly to hr@ak-medical.net, including the following information in the subject line: "Name + University + Major + Intended Position".

  • Q3How to participate in internal reference?

    A3Send your resume to AK's current employees, who will forward your resumes to the Human Resources Department through internal channels.

  • Q4How long does it take to schedule an interview after resume submission?

    A4The interview cycle for campus recruitment is relatively long. In general, HR will inform the interviewee within 1-2 weeks after receiving the resume. If you want to inquire about the ongoing progress, you can call the HR department at 010-80109581-622.

  • Q5Tripartite agreement

    A5After the offer has been issued, the graduate must send the tripartite agreement to company headquarters within 7 working days, after which time the offer will be considered invalid.

Contact Information

contact information